Cowboy to be cover Cowboy Forever coverCowboy I Am cover  Hoblins cover

Bob has illustrated several books for children by the author, Charles M. Van Pelt, Sr.

The first is a cartoon style Halloween book “Hoblins & Goblins”, and the following three books are illustrated in pen and ink (see below).  These books are titled: “A Cowboy To Be” and “A Cowboy I Am” and “A Cowboy Forever”. The three Cowboy books tell the story of the Old Chisholm Trail and the cattle drives between 1867 and 1884. Some Limited Edition Prints and original art from these books are available. Contact Bob Dunn for more information.

Each book is written in Spanish as well as English and they make useful learning tools for these languages. Para Ser Un Vaquero; Soy Un Vaquero; Vaquero Para Siempre. $9.95 each or all three books for $24.00.

Hoblins & Goblins, Printed in full color with a soft cover – $12.00. A young boy and girl go out on Halloween evening, are frightened by the shadows and their imaginations and find safety and love from their parents home.

A Cowboy To Be 3-1    A Cowboy To Be 2-1   A Cowboy To Be 1-1