Bob photo with wolf cub

As a wildlife and nature artist this challenge offers wonderful possibilities. These are moments of flight, or moments that capture the animal just before it flashes away!

I try to capture actions that portray the character of the animal or bird. I paint for those moments in a style that is fluid and moving while retaining the accuracy of feathers, fur and hair. Working in watercolor, gouache or acrylic, my goal is portray wildlife and the natural environment in ways that enrich our appreciation for the beauty of God’s Creation.  The gift of nature lifts our spirit and helps us to feel healthier. Through the medium of wildlife and nature art we are able to re-live this experience. 

Artist’s Profile: After study at The Burnley School of Professional Art, in Seattle, I began my art career at The Boeing Co. and later as an advertising artist for The Seattle Times Newspaper.  In the early 70’s I was Creative Director for Computer Graphics, a Publishing Company that worked withSeattle Magazine and other publications. After fifteen years as a professional artist I changed my career path, attended Seminary, and was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church. Retirement in 2001 allowed me to return  full-time to art.

Study with “Master Artists” began in 1993:  I have studied with  Carl Brenders, Terry Isaac, Jessica Zemsky, Jack Hines, Adele Earnshaw, Joe Garcia. and Lee Cabel. Each of these artists have helped  to strengthen my skills  and all have added to my ability to capture the moment.

Galleries & Collections: I have been the Featured Artist at several “Birding Sites” and I have illustrated four books. My art is in private collections throughout the Northwest and has been shown in galleries in  Belfair, Snohomish, Everett and Spokane. Our studio is on the S. Fork of the Stillaguamish River at  Mt. Pilchuck.