Bob photo with wolf cub  203 - Rain Forest Surprise 450h180 - The Fishing Place 450h 155 - Its Rufous Time 450 H 305 - Tlingit Dancers 450h

This new website features art that has not been included previously and encourages you to explore the galleries. I hope you will be able to devote some time to the detail of this art. As Carl Brenders said: “If God took millions of years to create that rock, or that tree, shouldn’t I take more than a minute or two to paint it? Many of my paintings have been sold through art shows, brick and mortar galleries and commissions, however, most of the art is also available as signed Limited Edition Gecl’ee or Prints. Some originals, even a prize winner or two remain available. Is this the year that you add a Bob Dunn, Wildlife & Nature painting or Limited Edition Print to your collection?

The first ten Limited Edition Print orders from this new website will be given a 20% discount on the entire purchase. Contact me NOW. Be the first two that purchase an Original and for a limited time receive a 20% discount.

Purchase a copy of my Bob Dunn, Wildlife & Nature Art Book: Soft cover $45.99, Hard cover from $60.95 to $65.99.

Also included in this website are the books I illustrated for the children’s story author, Charles M. Van Pelt, Sr.. Hoblins & Goblins is a full color cartoon style book and three Cowboy books are written in Spanish and English, thereby making good learning tools for these languages. I will be offering special packages of these books and my LED Prints.